Going from Serviceable Company Spokesperson to Media Rock Star

Video: Going from Serviceable Company Spokesperson to Media Rock Star

At one point or another we’ve all sat and marveled at an amazing company spokesperson. You know the type. They get on-camera, or go behind a microphone, and they just look or sound comfortable.

For some, it is without question a natural ability. Surprisingly, however, for many others it’s actually an acquired skill, learned through many hours of practice. After all, do you really think Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos started out as cool, calm and credible company spokespeople?

Anyone who knew them before they were famous can tell you that wasn’t the case. They had to get past their natural tendencies in order to help promote their companies and ensure their visions for the organization were fulfilled.

The same is true for many other corporate executives. They made a conscious effort to learn the skills and techniques to be able to deliver their corporate messages in a way that encouraged others to listen.

In this video, Amendola Communications Media Relations Director Joy DiNaro shares some thoughts on what it takes to be a great company spokesperson/media interview – and how even inexperienced executives can acquire the necessary skills.

Joy DiNaro
Joy Dinaro is a new media guru, supporting clients with innovative PR programs that integrate social media strategies with traditional media relations outreach and digital corporate marketing initiatives. Joy previously worked at Tech Image, where as a Digital Media Relations Manager and was recognized for her creativity and results in securing top tier business and high tech placements for clients. She also took the lead in client social media efforts, including setting up and managing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts; building LinkedIn pages for companies and their top executives; developing social media strategies and advising clients on execution strategies; and helping clients manage their online reputations. Joy previously served as Interactive Brand Manager at NextMedia360, where she helped organizations enhance their traditional broadcast presence with online and social marketing.
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