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PR Pros: Beware of Busywork Masquerading as “Essential Skills”

Some hard truths on the PR skills we really should be developing—for our clients and our own professional development. A well-known public relations trade site recently ran a “listicle” of so-called essential PR skills for our modern technology-driven era. Included in the list were graphic design, analytics, and even some light HTML coding. My first […]

Access Denied: The Other Kind of Writer’s Block

One of these days I’m going to put together a sort of “Road Warrior Olympics,” in which contestants compete on how well they can conduct business while riding in an Uber, going through security at the airport, and even in the midst of the plane’s takeoff and landing. That’s how impressed I am with the […]

Honest Question: Have You Got What it Takes to Be a Thought Leader?

Thought leadership is arguably one of the most powerful assets in an organization’s or individual’s public relations strategy. Yet relatively few companies go after the thought leader mantle, even if they have articulate, charismatic, true believers leading their organizations. Often these potential thought leaders are kept preoccupied managing the present or near-future, while others who […]

Why I (Still) Hate the Term “Content Marketing”

A few years back, I made a minor ripple on the internet—okay, make that a very minor ripple—when I dashed off a plaintive lament about the use of the word “content” in content marketing. As I noted at the time, the industry couldn’t have picked a more lifeless word to describe using interesting, informative, persuasive […]

A Case Study on How to Get More Case Studies

They’re effective, trustworthy, and prospects actually read them–but marketers can encounter surprising resistance in securing case studies from their customers. Here’s how to overcome the three most common challenges standing in the way of compiling a great collection of customer success stories. CHALLENGE #1: Your company’s sales reps keep blowing off your requests to schedule […]

The best indicator of company success? Believing in your value prop

Confidence. When you have it, life is a panorama of possibilities. Success just seems to follow, and even the occasional failure turns into a new opportunity. As a longtime marketing and PR copywriter, I’ve noticed company success follows a similar trajectory. Highly successful companies are, without exception, led by true believers in the company’s products […]

CEOs: It’s Time to Start Writing Your 2017 Manifesto

For what seems ages, you’ve mulled over an issue that you’re now convinced deserves a wider platform for passionate debate. Perhaps it’s an alarm to sound that no one in your industry is articulately ringing…or a bold challenge to wake up a complacent profession. Whatever the intent of your message, if you’re a credible messenger, […]

How to Produce a White Paper in 2016

Don’t let its deceptively sterile name fool you—the venerable white paper still packs a lot of punch. It remains the ideal medium to educate and make a comprehensive case for a new product or approach, and B2b marketers repeatedly cite it as a top producer of leads on their websites. You can even extract smaller […]