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Don’t Forget Industry Analysts in PR Programs

Even before English economist William Stanley Jevons and other 19th Century luminaries formalized the idea of marginal utility, business people grappled with sustaining customer desires for their goods and services. While Jevons had commodities in mind, I believe marginal utility is relevant to PR programs, too, especially in our digital world.  Keeping stakeholders informed with […]

How a Book Distilling War Strategies through the Ages Can Inform Your Approach to PR

In the months following the fall of Saigon and America’s exit from Vietnam, military personnel at the U.S. Naval War College studied the classics to find answers to the humiliating defeat, according to John Lewis Gaddis, Yale professor, historian and author of the book, “On Grand Strategy.” Gaddis’ book explores war strategies, and the leaders behind […]

Client Planning Should Resemble Meticulous Preparations for the Lewis and Clark Expedition

In Stephen Ambrose’s book “Undaunted Courage,” readers learn about the courageous Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the advanced planning and preparation that went into such a grand, historic adventure.  It got me thinking just how important a fraction of such planning is for a client’s public relations program. Depending on the nature of the agency/client […]

Translating habits into PR best practices

In his book, “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business,” New York Times business reporter Charles Duhigg explores the neurology of habits, why habits form in human beings, and how we can change them through a systematic approach of identifying their cues, rewards and routines. Establishing new habits […]

Crisis planning can ease tensions during actual events

A week doesn’t go by without news of a hospital or health system affected by a cyberattack or some other crisis.  Coupled with an always-on news cycle and social media ecosystem, a crisis can destroy reputations.  While the incidents themselves aren’t always preventable, organizations that thoughtfully do some advance crisis planning can emerge with their […]

‘Lady Luck Favors Those Who Try,’ and Other Wisdom for PR Pros from ‘A Mind for Numbers’

As we strive to be better communicators and storytellers, it often helps to get out of our comfort zones and read inspirational literature that can teach us new things.  We often find those types of books in classical literature, or from the latest fiction and non-fiction books.  Sometimes, “How-to” guides also help. That happened to […]

Productive Client-PR Agency Collaboration

One of the most important contributors to productivity is outstanding collaboration between business partners. In this brief (3:24) video, Amendola Communications Senior Account Director Philip Anast shares some tips he learned from the book Smarter, Faster, Better that explain how PR agencies and the client teams they work with can create a more collaborative relationship.