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New hire press releases: Is anyone listening?

Anyone who’s been in the media, marketing or communications industries has likely seen hundreds. If you’re an ex-reporter-turned-PR-guy like me, then you’ve no doubt seen thousands. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about performance bonuses or letters of adoration from admirers. I’m talking about new-hire press releases. Just about everybody issues them, but not exactly every media […]

Media Interview Preparation 101

Some executives dedicate ample time and effort to media interview preparation – studying the journalist’s previous coverage, developing carefully considered talking points – while others, not so much. Guess which ones are typically more pleased with the outcomes of their interviews? Nonetheless, it’s important to keep the significance of media interviews in perspective. Unlike a […]

The 4 Essential Components of a Strong Case Study

While every tool in the PR arsenal from press releases to bylines offer value in generating attention, a strong case study has the potential to stand above the rest as a real-world example of how a vendors’ product helped a customer solve a vexing business problem. A strong case study can help a company begin […]

Podcasts: 4 Tips to Prepare for a Great Guest Interview

Someday, you may be able to tell your grandchildren you lived through the golden age of podcasts. From the humble beginnings of first being listed in iTunes in 2005 to the emergence of “Serial” as the medium’s first breakout star in 2014, podcasts have evolved from “the nichiest, wonkiest content platforms to a star-studded, self-contained […]