Amendola’s PR Roadmap to HIMSS Success

Let’s face it, no matter how carefully you plan, there will still be some last minute work to get ready for HIMSS. The key is to minimize how much will be last minute! Plan to succeed by using Amendola’s suggested timeline for core PR activities before, at and after the HIMSS conference.

Four to six weeks prior to HIMSS:

  • Media Relations Prep (media coaching/messaging)
  • HIMSS Media/Analyst meeting pitching
  • Thought leadership pre-HIMSS media opportunities
  • Draft pre-HIMSS/HIMSS content

Three weeks prior to HIMSS:

  • HIMSS Media/Analyst meeting pitching
  • Ongoing thought leadership pre-HIMSS media opportunities
  • Finalize pre-HIMSS/HIMSS Content

At the show:

  • HIMSS on-site support, including media relations, social media coordination and internal event reporting


  • Follow-up with media/analysts
  • PR support for opportunities arising from HIMSS


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