Fueled by New Clients, Strategic Hires, and Surging Global Demand for Healthcare Technology, Amendola Communications Sets Growth Records in 2017

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—Nov. 30, 2017Amendola Communications, an award-winning healthcare marketing and public relations agency, heads into 2018 following a banner year of record-setting growth with new-client acquisition.

Amendola and its clients benefited from the accelerating market for healthcare technology in the U.S. and globally. The worldwide market for preventive healthcare technologies and services, alone—just one of several medical technology market segments—is expected to reach $432 billion by 2024, up from $139 billion in 2013, according to a recent report from Grand View Research.

Amid the expanding market, Amendola added over 20 new companies to its client roster in 2017, a record number in its 14-year history.

“This is a time of incredible growth for the industry and for Amendola Communications,” said CEO Jodi Amendola. “It’s a credit to our team of strategic doers and their ability to consistently deliver impressive, meaningful impact for our clients.”

Notable new clients in 2017 included:

  • GetWellNetwork – the industry’s only true provider of cross-continuum patient engagement solutions
  • GlobalMed – the world’s most-used telemedicine provider with over 15 million consults in 55 countries.
  • HealthBI – providing the tools that enable healthcare payers and providers to reduce admissions and readmissions, automate care transition and improved value-based care performance and HEDIS outcomes
  • Lumeris – a provider of strategic counsel and technology to health systems, hospitals and insurers
  • Medicomp – a physician-driven provider of contextual patient data solutions.
  • Meridian – a leading provider of revenue cycle, business intelligence, EMR and system integration services for large, multi-specialty physician groups and academic practice plans.

Amendola responded to the growth by adding five accomplished and enthusiastic team members—including experienced journalists and marketing professionals.  The new additions build on the agency’s proven ability to deliver strategic messaging, branding, content marketing, overall marketing and public relations that drive client success.

Clients Earn Billions of Media Impressions

During 2017, Amendola’s proactive media relations earned its clients featured placements in major national news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNBC, and Forbes. Amendola clients also received significant and ongoing favorable coverage within every influential healthcare trade publication, including Modern Healthcare, Healthcare IT News, Fierce Healthcare, HealthLeaders, H&HN, MedCity News, Becker’s Hospital Review, HFM, Health Data Management, and Physicians Practice.

Recognition for Outstanding Client Work

Amendola continued to garner recognition in 2017 as one of the best small marketing and PR agencies in the country.  In its most recent win, the agency received Honorable Mention in PRNews’ Platinum Awards for its content marketing work for Health Catalyst. Other honorable mentions in the category included Coca-Cola, Liquid Plumr and Johnson & Johnson. The distinction is one of numerous awards that Amendola has earned in recent years from Bulldog Reporter, PRSourceCode and others for its ability to design and execute successful PR and marketing campaigns, and develop high-value content for healthcare technology companies. 


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HealthBI Names Amendola Communications Agency of Record for PR and Content Marketing

Company behind nation’s most widely used care management system for pop health taps HIT PR agency to promote its solutions for value-based and integrated care

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—Nov. 28, 2017–Amendola Communications, an award-winning healthcare marketing and public relations agency, is thrilled to add population health technology pioneer HealthBI to its customer family. Amendola will be a key player in HealthBI’s plans for rapid growth in 2018, promoting solutions that are already the most widely deployed of their kind while expanding awareness of the company as a visionary thought leader in value-based and integrated care.

These thought leadership messages will be of particular importance in 2018 as more payers engage providers in risk-based contracts. Under such reimbursement models, payers and providers must enter into a newly collaborative relationship and share tools that give insight into the patient’s real time picture of health. HealthBI is not only a knowledgeable vendor of the technology solutions needed, it has a keen understanding of how to enable provider adoption—indeed, embrace—of healthcare that focuses on quality and better outcomes.

“Jodi Amendola and her team at Amendola Communications clearly get the HealthBI value proposition. With their deep and broad understanding of the healthcare landscape, we are confident that we have selected the ideal partner to promote our mission far and wide,” said Scott McFarland, President, HealthBI.

Amendola will help build HealthBI’s thought leadership profile through a mix of targeted media relations, byline article placements, and strategic speaking opportunities. Additionally, the agency is helping HealthBI produce a knowledge library that will feature case studies and guides on a range of topics—from using technology to reduce unnecessary high utilization of ED and acute care, to successfully integrating behavioral healthcare and primary care, to spurring provider adoption of quality and performance monitoring.

“Very soon after our introduction to HealthBI, we realized this company is poised to help the healthcare industry fully embrace value-based care and integrated care. Given the tremendously positive impact these models of care are set to make, it is incredibly exciting to help HealthBI advance its mission,” said Jodi Amendola, CEO, Amendola Communications.

Breaking down the barriers to better models of care

Value-based care holds the key to gaining control of our ballooning national health bill, yet the transition has been difficult for providers and payers to make. In a parallel development, the movement to integrate medical and mental healthcare may finally help improve outcomes for a long-underserved population, yet this shift, too, has been challenging to navigate.

HealthBI’s technology solutions and health data expertise are aimed at making the transitions to these new models of care successful and cost-effective. The company’s flagship care management and care coordination platform brings all care teams together to improve outcomes for even the highest risk patients, while helping both payers and providers meet quality measures.

About HealthBI
Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, HealthBI was created by a team of industry leaders and physicians to fill the need for tools that enable health care payers and providers to reduce admissions and readmissions, automate care transition and improved value-based care performance and HEDIS outcomes. Today, the company’s care management and care coordination platform for population health management is the most widely deployed in the nation—used in over 60,000 clinical sites across 50 states. HealthBI customers have reported results that span from a 25 percent decrease in 30 day re-admits to a nearly 300 percent improvement in closing gaps in patient care. To learn more about HealthBI, visit healthbi.com and follow HealthBI on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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3 Resolutions for Public Relations and Marketing Campaigns in 2018

Healthcare IT public relations agency Amendola Communications advises how to tweak next year’s campaigns for more impact

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 20, 2017—Now is not only a good time to make personal resolutions for the coming year, it’s also an ideal time to plan what to do different professionally—especially for PR and marketing pros who want bigger and better results in 2018. For tips on how to get more out of your own PR and marketing campaigns next year, check out the following selected blog posts from Amendola Communications, a nationally recognized, award-winning healthcare and healthcare IT public relations and marketing agency. Then subscribe to the blog today.

If You Really Want to Sell More Products, Lose the Jargon

Next year, make a point of injecting more personality in your messaging.  The fastest path: lose the corporate-speak. Trust us, your prospects don’t say, think or write statements like, “I really need to buy a healthcare IT system that improves operational efficiencies while aligning my department with enterprise-wide business objectives.” But if you’re still not convinced your target markets can handle being spoken to in real people language, read this blog to find out why you couldn’t be more mistaken.

Fire Your Inner Critic

Nothing kills creative thinking like a doubting Thomas or Debbie Downer…and too often, these very critics are ourselves. If your own inner critic is taking up too much of the conversation, it’s time to banish him or her for good. All your ideas for new marketing and PR campaigns will thank you for it! This blog explains how to silence your inner critic and proceed full speed ahead to achieve your goals.

Why Good Clients Are Key for Great PR…and How to Be One

Speaking of great ideas, maybe you have plenty…but lack the time to actually execute them. If that’s the case, it’s probably time you turn to a proven healthcare IT public relations agency. Of course, even the best agencies need clients that bring certain attributes to the table. Check them out in this blog, then check out Amendola Communications. We could be a great match!

Amendola’s blog covers all things public relations and marketing. A go-to source for communications professionals, the blog publishes on a weekly basis and features over a dozen subject matter experts in every aspect of publicizing and marketing healthcare technology companies.

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Measuring Your 2017 Public Relations Results: Was Your Message Heard?

Amendola Communications advises how to measure the results of PR campaigns and plan for the year ahead

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 16, 2017—In the midst of planning next year’s marketing and public relations budgets, now is an excellent time for healthcare IT companies to assess the progress of public relations and marketing “seeds” planted over the past year. It’s also a good time to plan what to do differently in 2018. For tips on these and other strategies, check out the following selected blog posts from Amendola Communications, a nationally recognized, award-winning healthcare and healthcare IT public relations and marketing agency. To stay informed on the industry’s best practices for crafting and promoting effective messages, subscribe to the blog today.

Taking a Measure of PR Measurement

How can you really tell the impact of PR? This blog breaks it down—and then some. We’re slightly biased, but we think this relatively short post reveals more effective measurement strategies than some books do. (It also calls out some duds that aren’t worth your time.) Check it out and at your company’s next confab, wow the assembled crowd with solid proof that PR works!

Simple Language and Communication Success

While there’s no lack of coverage of Donald Trump, we’ve included a blog post that examines his communication style. Which, politics aside, we have to say gets him unprecedented amounts of publicity. Say what you will about him, but dude’s got PR game. His Twitter feed alone pretty much dominated the 2017 news cycle—and we can likely expect the same for the rest of his presidency.

Amendola’s blog covers all things public relations and marketing. A go-to source for communications professionals, the blog publishes on a weekly basis and features over a dozen subject matter experts in every aspect of publicizing and marketing healthcare technology companies.


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4medica Reengages Amendola Communications for Content Creation and Public Relations

MARINA DEL REY, CA and SCOTTSDALE, AZ—Nov. 1, 2017–Amendola Communications, an award-winning healthcare marketing and public relations agency, is pleased to welcome back 4medica, the market leader in moving clinical data in real time across the healthcare continuum, to its customer family. Amendola has previously served as 4medica’s public relations agency of record. In this newest engagement, Amendola will produce quality content and provide additional public relations support.

The reengagement is a timely one as 4medica pivots from being identified largely with its top ranking laboratory and imaging connectivity solutions, to broader recognition as an expert in real time clinical data integration and data management accuracy with its highly patented and innovative Big Data MPI.

“We know from experience there is no agency better suited—or more familiar with the healthcare IT space– to help amplify our positioning than Amendola,” said Gregory Church, President, 4medica.

Church added, “Jodi Amendola and her team also have a strong commitment to client service that has proven to help us quickly act on important opportunities.”

Beyond static electronic health records to true clinical data interoperability

In a diversified health IT field, 4medica has earned its position as one of the leading clinical data exchange vendors. The company has seen firsthand the need for the fluid flow of data throughout the healthcare organization, without sacrificing data accuracy, quality and security.

To that end, 4medica offers an expansive portfolio of solutions for health systems, hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers, health information exchanges (HIEs), accountable care organizations (ACOs), health plans and other diagnostic care organizations. These solutions include:

  • ClinXdata®, a powerful platform for clinical data exchange
  • 4medica Big Data MPI, which performs patient identity matching at unprecedented speed and scale
  • Revenue cycle management services to make lab orders management a revenue-generating function

All 4medica solutions reside in a highly secure cloud environment that adheres to HIPAA’s stringent data security and privacy standards. This is of particular importance for healthcare data that is rapidly becoming digital.

“We are so pleased to be working with 4medica again, a company that has been at the forefront of healthcare data’s digital transformation. We look forward to helping 4medica create and promote content that memorably articulates its value proposition to a variety of healthcare audiences,” said Jodi Amendola, CEO of Amendola.

Amendola will deliver a range of content—from bylined articles and informative briefs to press releases and award application abstracts–that highlights 4medica’s thought leadership and expertise. Amendola will also provide public relations to promote 4medica’s newsworthy events and milestones.

About 4medica
4medica provides the industry’s leading SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) big data MPI, clinical data exchange and integration platform to help healthcare organizations of diverse types create a seamless view of the patient care experience and help further drive better health outcomes. The clinical data exchange platform integrates with and builds upon disparate systems to facilitate interoperable data exchange across various care settings to promote care continuity. The cloud computing model is scalable, lower cost, maintenance-free, easy to use and deployable in a few months or less, eliminating large capital outlays or resource utilization. This is especially critical for hospitals and physician health organizations of all types and sizes. 4medica connects hundreds of institutional facilities including hospitals, health systems, physicians, laboratories, radiology centers and pathology clinics. More than 35,000 physicians use its solutions every day. Learn more at www.4medica.com and www.bigdatampi.com.

Media Contact: Marcia Rhodes | mrhodes@acmarketingpr.com  | 602-793-1561